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Formerly called Victoria Point, Kawthaung is the southernmost town of Myanmar. From Ranong, a border town in Thailand, visitors can take 40 minute boat trips to Kawthaung for sightseeing and shopping. Andaman Club on the Thahtakyun island is located west of Kawthaung. It is far from about 300km north of Phuket Town. Situated on the north of Pakchan River with lush green hills and fishing boats and surrounded by beautiful islands within 3 hours boat ride, the place is a hidden treasure for adventure lovers.

Kawthaung region is very famous for its pleasant Island Thahtay Adaman Club, 115 Island, Lanpi Island, Snake Island etc. It is offers a collection of the country’s finest attractions. Each of these offers water-sports of all kinds as well as snorkelling, scubal diving, kayaking, swimming, fishing, sunbath, bird watching and adventure trekking around the numerous coral reefs that line Kawthaung’s shores. It is a unique place for those who would like to enjoy as well as the ways of life of Salon or Sea gypsi nature at its best and study marine life.

There are regular flights from Yangon to Kawthaung (please link to Yangon and Five Star shipping line operates Cruise Vessel M.V. Thanlwin to Kawthaung. Pay a visit to www.mergui.org for more information.


Muse (China - Myanmar Border)

Muse, lying on the northeastern flank of Myanmar, is the best possible transit from China to Myanmar and main border gate way between Myanmar and Yunnan Province (China). One can arrive to Muse, a small town on the banks of the Shweli River, the gate way to Shan State, From Shweli (Ruili) of China. Located 190 Km from Lashio, it is a bustling trading center. The visitor has opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of Shan State and can study the life of tribes, (Shan, Pa-O, Pa-laung, Chin) the residents of highland region. And than you can take photograph very nice panoramic view of Shan State and mountain rages. After that you can do hiking and trekking to some Shan, Pa-O and Pa-laung villages and see their life style and daily routine activities. Traveling down the Shan plateau of Myanmar on old Myanmar road and enjoying the zigzag tarred road, coupled with green and natural forest, will reach Mandalay through Pyin Oo Lwin (Hill Resort) town Mandalay is the last Myanmar Ancient city, the center of culture and arts and crafts and the Junction to famous tourist side (Taungyi Inle lake, Bagan and Yangon).

Day trip in Muse

Arrive at ShweLi which is the border Town between China and Myanmar, after clearing customs and immigration formalities welcome by our station guide and proceed to Jie Goung then Muse by car. Check-in at the Shwe Thiri hotel. Sightseeing in Muse includes the Muse market, panoramic view from Hill top Bo Te(enjoy the magnificent view of China Myanmar Border), Shwe Tha Min Monastery. Leave for NamKham and sightseeing in Shan Traditional village and enjoy Traditional Dance. Return back to Muse and depart to Shwe Li.

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Tachileik (Myanmar -Thai border)

Tachileik, located in the Golden Triangle Area, is the border gateway opposite Mae Sai in Thailand. It is accessible by air or by road; about 2 hours by air from Yangon to Tachileik. The Golden Triangle Paradise Resort is located on the banks of the Mekong River facing Laos and Thailand.

Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong is the capital city of the Golden Triangle Region. It is only 170km away from Tachileik and it takes 3 hours by 4WD or Sedans. There are many sites to see besides the ethnic tribes in colourful dresses. There are regular flights from Yangon to Kyaing Tong. Kyaing Tong Hotels (old and new) offer modern facilities at reasonable prices. Visitors are allowed to cross into this border town with Border Passes.

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MV Dawei Princess


Dawei Princess is specially built for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and sport fishing adventure trip basing Dawei City. She is equipped with dive platform, dining area, sun deck, 20 seats in air conditional hall, toilet and shower. The crews are fantastic, always doing their best to make you feel safe and comfortable.

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MSK - 01 (3 days 2 nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - Myauk Ni Island - Thay Yae Island( USD 937/ Pax )
MSK - 02 (4 days 3 nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - Nga Man - Kyun Phila - Myauk Ni - Thay Yae Island - Kawthaung ( USD 1158/ Pax )
MSK - 03 (5 days 4 nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - 254 Island - 256 Island - Nga Man Island - Kyun Phila - Bo Ywe - Myauk Ni Island - Thay Yae Island - Kawthaung( USD 1389/ Pax)
MSK - 04 (6 days 5 nights) Kawtthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - 254 Island -256 Island - 60 Island - Crocodile Creek - Ko Phwat - Tar yar Island - Nga Man Island - Kyun Phila - Bo Ywe Island -  Myauk Ni Island - Thay Yae Island - Kawthaung ( USD 1621/ Pax )
MSK - 05 (6 days 5 nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung - Taung La Bo - 115 Island - Nga Man Island - Kyun Phila - 254 Island - Salet Galet Island - Marble Island - Wal Island - Mergui Island - Myeik (USD 1812/Pax)
MSK - 06 (6 days 5 nights) Kawthaung Base
Myeik - Mergui Island - Wal Island - Marbel Island - Salet Galet - 254 Island - 256 Island - Nga Man Island - 115 Island - Taung La Bo - Kawthaung (USD 1812/Pax)
MSK- 07  (4days/3nights) Kawthaung Base
Kawthaung – Kyet Mauk I (Cock’s Comb) – Say Tan I (Dunkin I) – Nyaung Oo Phee I – Kha Yin Gwa (Maclcod I)  – Myauk Nee I (N.Phipps) – Thay Yee Island – Kawthaung. (USD 1158/ Pax)



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The Islands in the Mergui Archipelago

There are so many islands lying between North Lat 98.38' E to 11N in Kawthaung district. Among them, some islands have the beautiful sandbanks, clean water, sea creatures and animals that c

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